stow and go

Get ready for it. Every few fashion cycles they circle back around. The ultimate hands free, stow and go, fanny pack. If this term makes you scream you may also refer to them as belt bags. Here are several great looking styles. Wear yours for work, travel and weekend farmers markets. Utilize your belt loops or forgo these keepers and sling it lower on your hip. And mix up how you wear yours, altogether, by styling it cross-body. Barneys, Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang, Alexandra de CurtisBuilding Block, Clare V., 3.1 Phillip LimUrban Outfitters, Patagonia, ASOS, Etsy. –SoS 


take it easy

I like it when getting dressed is easy and doesn’t require a lot of thought. Take for instance any of these effortless step in and go trousers. These, thesethese or these (also available in this great brick red color too) with your favorite tank top and sandals and go forward in stylish ease. Extend into fall and winter by tucking in a button down or a textured knit up top and booties or loafers on your feet. –SoS



swim, swam, swum

Swim team (for my daughter) has begun. It’s the unofficial/official start to summer. I wish I had paid closer attention to the treadmill and a bit less attention to my favorite tacos. Anyway, the past is the past and whether I’m ready for it or not; it’s bathing suit season once again. And, as the brilliant and blunt Adrian H. Wood, PhD of @talesofaneducateddebutante coined it. I am, and want to continue to be, the “Mom that goes under.” With all of this being said, I am very much appreciating two-piece tummy tucking high-waist varieties. Feminine, sexy, and actually wearable. The Ones Who / Heather Bottoms + Matteau Swim / Tri Crop Top, Akras / Emil Highwaisted Bottom + Elsa Bikini Top, Flagpole Swim Perry High-Waist Bikini Bottom + Perry Bikini Top, She Made Me Sana high-rise crochet bikini briefs + bikini top, Stella McCartney botanical-embroidered high-waist bikini briefs + bikini top, Acne Studios Hellira Bottom + bikini top, Rachel Comey Keena Bottom + Revival top, Kiini Tasmin crochet-trimmed bikini briefs + bikini top, Mara Hoffman Meridan-print high-rise bikini briefs + cropped cami bikini top, Zimmerman Tulsi Lace Panel Bikini, Bower Oh Cheri high-rise bikini briefs + Jane bandeau bikini top, Made By Dawn bikini briefs + Shell bikini top, Diane von Furstenberg floral-print high-waist bikini briefs + bikini top. 1, 2, 3,…JUMP. –SoS

Made By Dawn


slide on

On a recent trip to the Amalfi coast, I had the chance to watch skilled artisans crafting handmade leather sandals, on nearly every corner in Positano, to shoppers specific foot measurements. It was fun to watch. I have always had an appreciation for items made by hand, with care and with quality materials. If you cannot make it to the Amalfi coast there are companies still taking the time to produce beautiful handmade sandals. The ones that just seem to get better and more comfortable with time. I particularly fell in love, all over again, with the wide crisscross leather slide. Great to wear with many pieces in your closet including, and not limited to, dresses to ankle bearing skinny jeans. Slide them on and go. Minimum, you’ll need black and brown. Thais SlideApeteros Flat Sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals, Filia Slide, Taygete Bow velvet slides, Madrid Sandal by Birkenstock, Alumnae Mignon Leather Sandals, KYMA Sikinos Leather Slide Sandals, Ulla Johnson Ingrid Suede Slide Sandals, Barneys New York Fringed Denim & Leather Slide Sandals, Paul Andrew Lina Slides, Brother Vellies Burkina striped-bow leather slides, Brother Vellies Lamu feather crossover slidesSaint Laurent Nu Pieds leather slide sandals, Chloé Kerenn shearling slides, The Row Ellen ruched-front slides, Balmain Lace-up suede slides, Gianvito Rossi Capri satin slides, ATP Atelier Rosa cutout leather slides. Have fun deciding. They’re all incredible. –SoS


Gianvito Rossi

 The Row

Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies


Interview: Just Say Native’s Linde Sayles

I cannot pinpoint exactly when my love affair of oversized, flowy, cotton, Indian dresses began. I do remember shopping for them, in college, from a small dealer inside our local mall and scouring second-hand shops in Raleigh and Chapel Hill. I wish I saved my stash. I began wearing them again after the birth of my daughter. I feel most like myself when wearing these ethereal, non-restricting dresses. This is typically how I introduce color in to my wardrobe as well. Several years ago I splurged on a one-of-a-kind, vintage dress from Stone Fox Bride. Through the discovery of Molly Guy I found Just Say Native and Linde Sayles. I have been dying to interview Linde for years and finally it all worked out to do so. Linde’s eye for unique pieces, beautiful prints, texture, and, of course, that undeniable bohemian 60s and 70s vibe is right on. We have never met, but I feel like I kinda know, through years (literally) of back and forth emails, Linde’s humble, funny, don’t take yourself too seriously, kind self. Thanks Linde! Hope to meet you soon. Shop Just Say Native through Instagram. Hint: You better be quick!  –SoS


SoS: Your story between fashion and TV/film?

There really isn’t a connection. I moved to CA to work in entertainment and eventually became a DGA Assistant Director in Film/TV. During that time, I started JSN as a hobby with my friend, Hillary Justin. She wanted to start selling/working at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and needed someone to help her so I was recruited and/or volunteered. We started at the Rose Bowl selling someone else’s goods and eventually started selling our own finds from trips back home to Michigan. We begin focusing our style and aesthetic and around 2011 Just Say Native was born. We ended our partnership in January 2014. Until April of 2016, I ran Just Say Native on my days off or during hiatus while still working as an AD on various TV shows. I actually kept the two lives very separate…I think.

SoS: Describe Just Say Native in three words.

I want to say Print, Pattern, Texture but that’s probably not it. Uhhhh….Bohemian, Wearable…I’m bad at this. I also want to say Bohemian Luxury. Gahh!! I don’t know. Maybe that’s something I should think about business wise.

SoS: When did your love for vintage begin to bloom.

I grew up with a love of flea markets and antique malls courtesy of my mother. She has always had an eclectic, found object and art focused sense of decor for our homes. She also appreciated the history of family heirlooms whether it was furniture or pictures or art. I would say I naturally grew to have the same style with my own decorating. I would rather have an older piece than something from a big box retailer. I also really loved going through like every rack at TJ Maxx or a department store sale…trying to find the best pieces at the best prices so I guess the hunting has always been there but I was never into vintage clothing. I came to appreciate it from selling at the Rose Bowl with Hillary (who had a lifetime of experience thrift shopping). Honestly, I think it’s still the love of the hunt for me. I think that’s also why JSN is very wearable and not necessarily “dated” to a certain time or place. If someone is knowledgable about vintage, they may know your JSN piece is vintage but they may also think it’s contemporary picked up at Barney’s or some beach side boutique from your recent trip to St. Bart’s. I like the ambiguity and don’t actually consider myself a “vintage” clothing dealer (don’t tell anyone).

SoS: Best part of your job?

I think it’s still the hunt for me. I love finding something I’ve never seen before or a beautiful new print. That’s part of what I love about the Indian pieces, they come in so many forms and prints. It’s a thrill to see one that you’ve never seen before and they’re all so beautiful. I also love, after working 18 hour days, the ability to be my own boss and go grab a coffee if I want to. I also love traveling for shopping and shows.

SoS: Do you have a hard time letting go of pieces?

I don’t. People are always really surprised but I don’t actually wear vintage that often, mostly just for events and shows, so my collection is quite small. Maybe 15 pieces? I also cycle through them occasionally when I find one that feels even MORE me than the last. I shop in a color scheme so it has to fit a few basic criteria to even make it into my closet to start. I also really enjoy finding someone something for clients. I get more pleasure out of knowing the exact piece that’s going to make someone feel just right. So sometimes my personal pieces go to new homes that way. I just sent one of my first Indian dresses to one of my first clients in NY because she emailed looking for “a dress like the one you were wearing when we first met.” I hadn’t worn it in over a year so off it went. She’ll probably wear it way more than I ever did.

SoS: Person, past or present, you would love to dress?

I’m not much of a “stylist” per se so I don’t know…..any woman who wants to feel glamorous and unique but totally casual and contemporary at the same time. Someone who appreciates the beauty of something old and understands how difficult it is to source a collection like JSN. I have celebrity clients, designers and clients who save for months to treat themselves. I like dressing them all.

SoS: Not to miss vintage show on the East coast? West coast?

I really only do one vintage show, A Current Affair, which is in both LA and NY. I haven’t been to many other shows. ACA is great though. Well curated for a contemporary customer and/or designer. The NY is my favorite just because I think NY is really lacking in “good” vintage shopping and the energy at the show is incredible. Plus NYC always has my heart.

SoS: Tips for shopping vintage?

Buy anything you love instantly. Look at literally everything if you have the time because gems are sometimes hiding and what may be a pass for someone else may be the hidden treasure for you. Know a good tailor and you can fix/make most anything work within reason of course.

SoS: What are your customers looking for and loving for spring?

Hmmm. I’m not that strategic but I think for spring, great new floral prints in new points of scale (either really big or really small). Crochet, ruffles, and textured layers.

SoS: Playing in your studio?

Like music? I’m a strange bird in that I don’t listen to music. If I have an appointment I turn on spotify or play a show playlist (I share an office space with A Current Affair).

SoS: Do you have a motto?

Well JSN has had a catchphrase from day one. “Native of a place, time and spirit as individual as you.” Which is where  Native in the business name comes from (the first two words are a combination of my and Hillary’s last name…we never really thought the business would become what it is and it seemed like a cool name at the time). Lately I’ve been repeating a quote my dad sent me. “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Van Gogh

I’m changing the way I view my business this year. I work by myself….JSN is purely a one woman show and sometimes I get really overwhelmed with all that has to be done to push the brand forward. This quote has really been helping me stay focused and helps curb my anxiety too.

SoS: What’s the difference between vintage and second-hand?

I have no idea. I’m sure hard core dealers have a definition but I just buy what I love so you can call it vintage or second-hand.

SoS: Misconceptions about vintage dressing?

That you have to look like you’re wearing a costume or you have just walked out of a time period movie set. I really think you can wear vintage without anyone knowing and that’s the direction most vintage shopping has gone in the last few years. I think that trend will continue.

SoS: Something surprising about you?

Can I plead the fifth? I’m really an open book and also super boring. I’m not sure what to say? I worked for The Gap for 7 years? Sometimes that surprises people. BORING!

SoS: Favorite travel destination? Why?

I went to the Greek Islands three summers ago and I still daydream about going back. I’m a fire sign but a water baby at heart. The water there is so incredible…the clearest, darkest navy and I have never met a navy I didn’t like. Also the food was amazing. I, also, secretly want to marry someone who will be willing to go to every restaurant ever featured on Chef’s Table so….

Image: Isabel Parra Photography




Designer Interview: Jordana Warmflash

Sanction of Style designer spotlight continues today in preparation for tonight’s event benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of Wake County. Join Brandshop, MA Allen of MA Allen Interiors, Kathleen Fisher and me as we feature NYC’s Novis and fine jewelry brand Bare Collection. The brand name and designer label, Novis, is an homage to Jordana’s grandmother, Gwen Novis Warmflash; a courageous, confident, audacious, happy woman. Jordana’s appreciation of quality craftsmanship came at an early age when her mother taught her to sew on her family’s old sewing machine. Love for the design and architectural aspect of clothing continued to blossom throughout Jordana’s early career working with designers Zac Posen, Peter Som, and Alice + Olivia. In 2012, Jordana launched Novis. The brand continues to grow and is continuously recognized by major fashion industry publications including Vogue, WWD, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and many others. And Jordana continues to receive industry accolades including the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award in 2014. In 2015, she was a U.S. nominee for the International Woolmark Prize in Womenswear, and in 2016, she was a finalist for the Fashion Group International Rising Star Award in Womenswear. Be sure to click here to preview Novis Fall/Winter 2017 ready-to-wear collection. It’s beautiful! Some favorites from spring/summer 17: The Sandisfield Blouse, The Curtis Sweater, The Granville Dress, The Greylock SkirtThe Northfield Blouse, The Stratford Skirt, The Sargent Vest.

Ready for a peek inside the life of NYC designer Jordana Warmflash? Let’s, shall we? –SoS

  Designer, Jordana Warmflash


SoSDescribe Novis in three words or less.

Optimistic, artful, luxurious

SoS: What’s the spirit and style of a Novis girl?

The Novis woman is a happy, cultured go-getter and independent thinker who leads a life on the go; appreciates color and quality; and has her own internal style barometer.

SoS: Did you have someone in particular that shaped your love of fashion growing up?

My paternal grandmother, Gwen Novis, for whom the brand is named.

SoS: Where do you look/go for inspiration?

The art world – our collections have been inspired by artists including Paul Klee, Richard Avedon and Ellsworth Kelly and categories of art including mid-century Danish and Swedish furniture and Art Deco ceramics.

SoS: Mantra?

I adore this quote by ceramicist Clarice Cliff (whose work inspired our Spring/Summer 2016 collection), which captures my vision and understanding of fashion – and my design process – in a nutshell: “Having a little fun at my work does not make me any less of an artist. People who appreciate truly beautiful and original creations in pottery are not frightened by innocent tomfoolery.”

SoS: Fashion muse?

Iris Apfel.

SoS: Best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Find your uniqueness and keep developing it.

SoS: Most rewarding aspect of being a designer?

Seeing and meeting happy Novis customers. We love when customers across the country send us pictures of themselves in Novis!

SoS: Most challenging aspect of being a designer?

Balancing so many things in each collection – design elements, commercial elements, silhouettes, price points, pieces to appeal to customers at one store, which are not necessarily the same pieces that appeal to customers at another store, both newness and continuity, etc. There is real alchemy at work all the time in developing the next collection; it’s part science, part art, part gut instinct.

SoS: Most cherished item in your closet?

A black-and-white hand embroidered dress that belonged to my mother when she was a teenager, which I found in my grandmother’s basement when cleaning it out. It’s a perfect fit, and a piece I look to for inspiration when working on Novis.

SoS: Wardrobe must-haves for spring and summer?

Our Bennington Mix Stitch Stripe Dress, which is so breathable, beautiful and comfortable, and our Dover Pleat Neck Halter Dress in cotton gauze – it’s so lightweight and has a great hand crochet trim, so it really stands apart from other black summer dresses out there.

SoS: Closet you would like to raid?

Iris Apfel’s!

SoS: Favorite place you have ever traveled?

Overseas, I adore northern Italy. Closer to home, I love the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts.




Designer Interview: Bare Collection’s Jeet Sohal

Looking forward to helping host a local event organized by the savvy business duo behind Brandshop. Hillary and Laura have officially launched Brandshop MINISHOPS; one-day only events that highlight emerging fashion brands. [FACT: Brandshop was recently featured on] The Raleigh event will spotlight two beautiful brands. Novis and fine jewelry brand (and 14 year industry veteran) BARE Collection. A portion of sales from the shopping event will benefit Wake County Boys & Girls Clubs. Fashion Giving Back. Y-E-S. And it’s always inspiring and informative to have a glimpse inside a designer’s life. Right?! Jeet’s designs encompass Indian, Filipino, Spanish, and American heritage; creating jewelry that is intricate, beautiful, eye-catching, simple and striking. Don’t miss the interview with mom and designer below. Jeet’s designs have been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, WWD, and worn by Hollywood darlings Liv Tyer, Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, Emmy Rossum, and Beyonce. The constellation pendantnesting collar, and cuff are personal favorites. Next up: Novis. –SoS

Designer Jeet Sohal @bare_collection. Image: S. Marengo @stacimarengo


SoS: When did you discover your love for designing jewelry?

I’m still discovering my love for designing jewelry! Thus far, we are locked in what will hopefully be one of my great love stories.

SoS: Describe a BARE Collection girl…

Bare is an acronym for Beautiful Authentic Refined and Enigmatic, all words describing the Bare collection girl. She is living life on her terms, with her own personal style.

SoS: Describe your style…

A good friend described my style as bohemian business casual. At first, I couldn’t quite understand what she meant since I described my style as feminine tomboy but she hit the nail on the head. I look for structured fabrics, great tailoring, and pieces with whimsy to mix and match. With three young boys (3, 5, 7), clothing must handle wear well. Slacks in a pin stripe or subtle pattern are great because they mask any kid fingerprints. I have a lot more flexibility with blouses since the kids are older so I can do a more delicate top. Another go to is an Indian skirt with a simple linen t-shirt and a blazer or tailored jacket to elevate the combination. It’s my version of jeans and a t-shirt. The jewelry is pretty simple, stud earrings, my constellation pendants, a stack of rings and when I need a power piece for some extra polish, a Bare bones cuff in bronze. Shoes are always vans or a mid-heel pump. I’m always looking for cute 2-2.5 inch stiletto or stacked heels! Anything taller and I can’t wear them all day, anything shorter is just destabilizing for me when I walk.

SoS: One piece in your closet you cannot live without?

One piece is difficult! I can narrow it down to three. A great day dress is essential. I love something in silk with a midi hemline and anywhere from a cap sleeve to a long sleeve. It’s an easy silhouette that is forgiving on the body and can be dressed down with a jean jacket and vans or dressed up with heels and a chic jacket. My other go to is tailored straight or wide leg slacks with a silk t-shirt. Again, this works well with vans or oxfords for a more casual look or heels and a blazer for something a bit dressy. I rely on my wardrobe to get me from 8AM to 8PM with school dropoff, meetings, dinners out and I hate changing. Since we are a shoes-off household, changing shoes depending on the time of day is easy, but changing clothing is tough. Because I have a minimal approach to hair and makeup, my wardrobe and accessories really need to work hard to give me some polish!

SoS: Do you have a mantra or favorite quote?

“Life is what happens when you are making other plans.”

SoS: What’s your favorite thing about living and working in LA?

The community, personal and professional. It’s a great mix of people from a million different backgrounds.

SoS: Best piece of advice you have ever been given?

My mom used to do a very verbose version of “You do you.” I’ve interpreted it as I can only do my best version of me and I need to be happy with that.

SoS: How do you juggle motherhood and work?

It’s an impossible juggling act. I do my best, I accept help when it’s available and I’ve learned to be OK with saying no.

SoS: Do you have a favorite piece from your collection?

I love that Bare girls build a Bare jewelry wardrobe, full of pieces that give them sense memory of why they purchased or received a Bare piece. I experience sense memory related to the creation of a piece! Right now I’m obsessed with the constellation collection because they marry my love of the night sky, myself, my husband, and my kids. In many ways, the constellation collection is both sentimental and universal, personal yet private and I love those dualities.

SoS: Favorite place you have ever traveled?

I love every place I’m fortunate to travel to. A few places I would like to visit again include the Atacama desert in Chile, the Himalayas in India, New Zealand, Buenos Aires, and Boracay Island in the Philippines.

SoS: Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere! My sister, an Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon, once told me that the most important thing about her skill set is her ability to really listen. I had thought it would overlap with mine, seeing. I’m always drawing inspiration from the world around me, be it an illustration in a book, the way a leaf falls from a tree, the rivets in an old steam engine, the way someone fidgets with their jewelry. How the inspiration translates into jewelry at the bench is still a bit of a mystery, but I’m happy that it works!

SoS: What do you enjoy in your spare time?

Organizing my closet, pantry, house, office. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s really indulgent! Curling up with a book or cookbook and giant pot of earl grey tea is magical, but the magic ends when I’m tired the next day because I didn’t sleep until I finished my book! When I’m up all night organizing, the magic lasts weeks and works even when I’m tired. Since I’m always in motion, things get messy. Putting things back in order reminds me of my more organized younger self and makes every day after that much more enjoyable…until it’s messy again.



try this

Ever had the urge to wear your lingerie as outerwear? I do all the time and have always admired the look. Guess what? There is good news. There are several ways to wear yours and get it right. Without running the risk of looking like you’re workin’ the red light district. Actually, quite the contrary. Classic and edgy, the best combination. Small bust? Try a printed or classic black bralette. Need a bit more support? Invest in a great bustier. Does the whole idea of lingerie as outerwear throw your mind into a tizzy? Try a forever classic slip dress like this one from Mayle or La Garçonne Moderne. Fashion is about having fun! Go for it.  –SoS